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    Cu Chi tunnels – Survive undergroud

    Having become symbols of Vietnamese resistance to the oppressors, the Cu Chi tunnels, in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), are now part of not only the memory of a country and a people, but also what is called memorial tourism, so that every visitor can say, “Never again!” » The Cu Chi tunnels – The origins We are in the years 1946-48, in the middle of the Indochina war. Some 70 kilometers northwest of Sai Gon, arms and hands are busy underground. With simple agricultural tools, rather rudimentary, we begin to dig, to clear, to evacuate the rubble of a land resembling laterite, both flexible to…

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    ALexandre Yersin, french explorer and scientist

    For most people, Alexandre Yersin, French scientist, remains the one who developed the first anti-plague serum. For the Vietnamese, he is above all the one who worked tirelessly in the service of the poorest in the land of the yokes. From the white-tiled rooms of the Institut Pasteur to the moist languor of the jungles of Indochina, both a solitary traveler and a researcher of genius, he has always shunned honours, devoting his life and his energy to saving those of others. Focus on a destiny like a novel. An exceptional profile Born in French-speaking Switzerland, Alexandre Yersin studied medicine in Lausanne. Then moved to Marbourg (in Germany) before joining…

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    From Nguyen Ai Quoc to Ho Chi Minh > his journey

    His image is represented everywhere in the country, in public places, schools, in homes, in cities and in the countryside. Temples are dedicated to him… A great figure of nationalism, he is the symbol of Vietnam’s struggle for independence against Western imperialism. I want to talk about Uncle Ho, about Ho Chi Minh and his journey ! The origins and journey of Ho Chi Minh From his real name Nguyên Sinh Cung, Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1890 in the village of Hoang Tru , about fifteen kilometers west of the city of Vinh, commune of Kim Lien, district of Nam Dan, Province from Nghe An, in…