South Vietnam

Everything (or almost) about South Vietnam

Picto_VN_SudCalled Nam Bo in Vietnamese, southern Vietnam is a captivating, vibrant and sun-drenched region.
A land of contrasts, it reveals territories as exciting as they are different: the Highlands, where ancient peoples live in harmony with mystical rites, the paradisiacal islands off wild or trendy beaches, or the Southern megalopolis,Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) are facets of a world of wonder.

Meteo reminder

South Vietnam lives on the rhythm of two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. Throughout the year, temperatures vary between pleasant and warm. During the rainy season, it rarely rains all day, but instead count on a heavy rain for an hour or two in the late afternoon.

Where to go in South Vietnam?

Whether you like the sea or the mountains, South Vietnam offers a variety of landscapes. You can easily go from white sand beaches to high plateaus. A small review of places and sites to visit.

I heard about that!


This is the most famous seaside resort in South Vietnam with its white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Already very developed, there are all types of housing and activities. Perfect for relaxing on the beach, you can also move away from the centre to discover beautiful, quieter beaches, beautiful waterfalls or visit the ruins of the Champa towers.


Another well-known seaside destination, Mui Ne. Known for its white or red sand dunes, it is also a world-famous site for cyst surfing. We can take lessons or just watch them. Originally a fishing village, visiting the market is a good way to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the dawn, when the boats return. Explore wild beaches around Mui Ne.


The economic capital of Vietnam, Saigon is a hyper-active city, very different from Hanoi. The Saigon River that crosses the city brings space and air to this space where buildings grow higher and higher. Full of life day and night, everyone finds his pleasure there. From rooftop pools to a small cafe lost in an alley, Saigon is full of surprises. You can also admire beautiful buildings such as the Post Office or the Cathedral.


Small Provence is known for its very pleasant climate all year round. The province of Dalat supplies the country with vegetables and fruits that can generally only be imported (cherries, strawberries, peaches, etc.). The city is one of the favorite destinations of the Vietnamese, for its climate and its fields of flowers. Lakes, waterfalls, hills, a perfect combination for daytime getaways.


For a long time not easily accessible (by very expensive plane or a 12-hour journey by government boat), Con Dao is now one of the far south Vietnam destinations. The flights being more numerous and the appearance of the speed boat that connects the coast to the island in 4 hours allowed a tourist boom of the island. Much more peaceful than its big sister Phu Quoc, you can fully enjoy the joys of the beach, boat rides for snorkeling, visiting the island by scooter and the seafood market. Once a secret French prison during the war, it can be visited for a “history” stop

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Neighbor and yet less known than Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is a very attractive fishing village. Its port with its hundreds of fishing boats is an experience all by itself. Early in the morning, life gets hectic after the boats return. Beautiful beaches on the outskirts of the city make it possible to contemplate magnificent sunsets.


South of Nha Trang is the entrance to Cam Ranh Bay. The further south we go, the more we discover a local life far from the beaten path. You can admire life on the sea, join a fisherman at night on the pontoons to witness the rise of the fishing net. You can visit the Binh Lap Peninsula. Known for its lobster farms, a seafood barbecue is a must!


Located a hundred kilometres from the coast of Phan Tiet, this charming island recently opened up to tourism. To get there, we take the ferry from Phan Tiet. If the island may seem flat, we can go to the far or on the Cao Cat mountain. The main activity remains to enjoy the tranquility of the place and its splendid beaches such as the bay of Trieu Duong. You can also visit the pagodas like that of the whale (Van Thanh An) or the pagoda of Linh Son. No need to mention that seafood is delicious at more than reasonable prices.

NOTE : Since the island is under the control of the army, a permit is required for foreigners. It takes 48 hours to obtain. Contact us to obtain the permit.


Very little known, Bao Loc is an interesting stop during your trip to South Vietnam. Between the discovery of waterfalls (Dambri and Dasara), pagodas (Linh Quy Phap An) and its tea fields, we soak up a local atmosphere.


What to see and what to do in South Vietnam?


My programm !

  • Enjoy the white sand beaches
  • Enjoy seafood and fish directly at the market or on one of the stands
  • A bit of adventure with water activities (diving, snorkeling, jet skiing.. )
  • Join a fishing trip on a traditional boat.
  • See a sunset from the dunes of Mui Ne
  • Take a boat trip to Con Dao
  • Experience the green nature around Dalat

National parks

RegionNameYearSize (ha)Province
HighlandsBidoup Núi Bà200464,800Lâm Đồng
SoutheastCát Tiên199273,878Đồng NaiLâm Đồng,Bình Phước
SoutheastBù Gia Mập200226,032Bình Phước
SoutheastCôn Đảo199315,043Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu
SoutheastLò Gò-Xa Mát200218,765Tây Ninh

What do we eat in South Vietnam?


  • Seafood fondue or BBQ > a must-have for seafood lovers!
  • Banh Xeo > Vietnamese pancake made with rice and turmeric, topped with meat, shrimp and soy sprouts. It is eaten with aromatic herbs and fish sauce
  • Com Tam > broken rice with meat (rind and roast pork), eggs (omelette or main course), vegetables and fish sauce (Nuoc Mam) prepared in a sweet and sour way
  • Goi cuon > Spring rolls. Prepared with pork meat, shrimp, soy sprouts and aromatic herbs (mint, chives), all wrapped in a raw rice cake.
  • Banh Mi > Originally from Saigon, the classic sandwich is topped with carrot, white radish, cilantro. Either accompanied by meat or eggs according to the desires of each, perfect to satisfy small appetites between visits.