The Mekong Delta

Everything (or almost) about the Mekong Delta

Picto_VN_Delta-MekongLanguid and sensual in the southern light, the Mekong Delta gives to live atypical slices of life.
In the country’s rice granary, we live on water, lives feed on the mythical Mekong River, dreams come to life in the warm shade of the jungle covered with countless arroyos. Looks like sun invented other colors to paint floating markets and Khmer pagodas. Everything here is quiet and voluptuous, between the archipelago of Con Dao and the enchanted island of Phu Quoc.

Weather reminder


While the Mekong Delta remains a special destination, its climate is similar to that of South Vietnam, punctuated by a rainy and dry season

Where to go in the Mekong Delta?

Picto-LieuxThe Mekong Delta lives to the rhythm of the Mekong and everything where almost depends on it. An enchanting atmosphere, a place out of time!

I heard about it!


The largest city in the delta is teeming with life. Known mainly for its huge floating market, Cai Rang, stroll through the city to taste local specialties, visit the old prison or simply admire the local life. Choose a family homestay to share tradition and culture with the locals. Its airport remains a definite advantage for direct access to the delta from other destinations in Vietnam.


Located at one end of the Delta, Ben Tre is surrounded by canals, which is its charm. A traditional boat trip is a Coconut and Orchid Region, where you can visit farms to learn the methods of cultivation. The Van Ho Bird Sanctuary provides an opportunity to appreciate the exceptional wildlife of the Delta


Just two hours from Ho Chi Minh, Cai Be is one of the delta’s flagship destinations. Day tours are offered even if it is recommended to spend the night. Second floating market after that of Can Tho, life is active in the morning for trade. Ideally placed to visit the various fruit farms or orchids, we let ourselves be guided by losing track of time as the shops strewn along the banks of the canals.


Phu Quoc from the province of Kien Giang ranks among the destinations in the delta even though it is a destination in its entirety. The island is a seaside tourist hub of Vietnam and is experiencing rapid growth. You come from all over the world to enjoy the sublime beaches in the 5* Resorts. You can also relax in small homestays. The island has a large protected nature reserve in the centre, which allows you to escape from the sea. There are all kinds of activities such as boat rides, diving, safari, amusement park, etc. Everything is done to satisfy everyone’s desires.

I’m going somewhere else!


Charming peninsula in the delta, accessed from Vinh Long. Here it is quiet, you come to relax in one of the charming homestay, bike and taste the delicious local dishes. An interesting step to rest.


Lots to see and do at Chau Doc. Not very touristy yet, you can go to the Sam Mountain, sacred pagoda where takes place many ceremonies and also enjoys a superb view. You can take a boat trip to visit a Cham village. Not to be missed is the Tra Su Nature Reserve and its flooded forest, where you will find magnificent flora and fauna.


Very few international tourists, however, very interesting site to visit especially before Têt. There is a flower village, the Saigonese come to buy flowers for the New Year’s decorations.


> The latest province in South Vietnam, Ca Mau offers a multitude of things to see. You can go to Cape Town, visit the Nam Can mangrove or the U Minh Ha forest, the Thi Tuong lagoon, the bird park or take a boat to visit the surrounding islands. Khai Long’s seaside tourist site is an opportunity to enjoy the sea peacefully and contemplate the mangrove.


The floating village of Tan Lap was voted in Vietnam’s top 10 ecotourism projects. A traditional boat ride offers the chance to contemplate the beautiful vegetation of the park. You can also walk there, participate in fishing in a traditional way. If tourists usually only stay during the day, you can find a homestay or pitch a tent for a night under the stars.

What to see and what to do in the Mekong Delta?

Pictos-ActivitiesLet yourself be rocked along the canals and plunge into a peaceful world!

My ideas !

  • Experience the floating markets at Can Tho or Cai Be
  • Traditional junk in the labyrinth canals of the Delta
  • Visit fruit and orchid farms
  • Discover the flooded forest of Tra Su and the Sam Mountain around Chau Doc
  • Taste the culinary specialities of the Mekong Delta
  • Take a bike tour of the An Binh Peninsula
  • A beach trip or adventure on the island of Phu Quoc
  • Take a two-day Mekong cruise

National parks

Region NameYearSize (ha)Province
Mekong DeltaTràm Chim19947,588Đồng Tháp
Mekong DeltaU Minh Thượng20028,053Kiên Giang
Mekong DeltaMũi Cà Mau200341,862Cà Mau
Mekong DeltaU Minh Hạ20068,286Cà Mau
Mekong DeltaPhú Quốc200131,422Kiên Giang

What do we eat in the Mekong Delta?

Picto-BAguettesWe haven’t finished feasting in the Mekong Delta! Fish dishes, fallen fruit from the tree and the simple yet tasty cooking style. Let your taste buds burn!

  • Hu Tieu > If you often think of Pho when talking about soup in Vietnam, Hu Tieu is another delicious one. Pasta soup with chunks of pork, quail eggs and seafood
  • Cá tai  A must see!
  • Cá lóc nųng trui > Snakehead fish is cooked in a simple way, accompanied by fresh vegetables with salt/pepper sauce or fish sauce. Traditionally crossed by a stick to cook it over a wood fire, it is very tasty.
  • Bánh lá dėa > Sweet touch for the palate with this cake. Wrapped in a coconut leaf, it is composed of white rice, banana, coconut and beans. They can be found all over the Delta, but especially in Ben Tre
  • Bánh khọt > These little pancakes are simply delicious. Sometimes covered with shrimp, calamari, green onions or eggs, they are made from rice flour, coconut water, eggs, beans, salt, pepper, shrimp. An unforgettable bite!