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    Legends of Vietnam

    Legends of Vietnam Intro: A fascinating peculiarity is the strong belief in the spiritual. This led throughout history to the creation of a multitude of tales and legends in Vietnam. Surprising, intriguing, amusing, touching and sometimes frightening, this mysticism is above all exciting. Between dragons, genius, ghosts, the stories are worthy of Hollywood films ( one could even wonder who inspired the other). If for Westerners, this type of legend is often incredible, in Vietnam, we do not joke with it and we respect it. If certain legends are recognized nationally, by traveling through the country, even in the most remote places, one realizes that locally, these “fables” exist and…

  • Legends from Vietnam

    The legend of the mosquito

    For this first article, dive into this tender romance which aims to explain and rationalize the appearance of the mosquito. Great enemy of man, this fable will perhaps reconcile you with him. There are other legend explaining the creation of the mosquito. We will study and compare in another article. “Once upon a time, there was a young peasant named Ngoc Tam. This man, brave and generous, had a wife named Nhan Diep. She was graceful and charming. But, unlike her husband, who was thrifty and industrious, she was lazy and loved luxury. Despite this, Ngoc Tam loved his wife and forgave her all her whims. Unfortunately, shortly after their…