The team

Song Voyages was born from the passion for travel, culture and well-being of two men.
The two founders, Christophe and Doanh, worked for different travel agencies in Vietnam. Over time, they realized that most of the proposed stays were suitable for tourists, so they embarked on creating stays for travellers.

About us

portrait-christopheChristophe has a long experience in luxury hotels in France and has been the manager of a travel agency in Hanoi for 3 years. The agency was focused on developing a new destination at the time, the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. The success of the promotion of this destination made him realize that he could expand and share his knowledge to other destinations.

For his part, Doanh worked as a production manager for a major travel agency for 5 years. He has a great knowledge of Vietnam, he knows many places that are not very touristy and immensely interesting. He then worked on various projects where he began to promote sustainable development and wellness tourism. It is entirely dedicated to creating an experience more than just a stay and to accompanying travellers in their quest for total satisfaction.

about-us_man-buffaloOur goal is to introduce travellers to new destinations and immerse them in the local culture. Vietnam is a country with many traditions and 54 ethnic minorities. Combined with the development of responsible travel and wellness activities, the experience offers unforgettable memories.

We work directly with and support minorities to ensure sustainable and profitable development. Tourism remains the main sector, but our long-term goal is much broader. Our desire is to develop organic farming, the preservation of traditions, the improvement of village infrastructures, training for young people and the participation or creation of educational programs are all integral to our philosophy.


We deeply believe that inner peace and well-being will come through our desire and desire to live in harmony with others and nature. We are convinced that we will achieve a better version of ourselves by sharing and integrating into our lives the meaningful values that others can bring to us.

We live in a time when the individual tends to be standardized, annihilating ancestral traditions and the natural and healthy benefits that can be obtained. Song Voyages has decided to go the other way by promoting a return to origin. After meeting, interacting and understanding the way of life of minorities, it is clear that one can improve one’s health, heal oneself, free one’s mind and enrich oneself personally by using and respecting the countless gifts of Mother Nature.

about-us_choose-usIntuitive and personalized customer service

We recognize that everyone is different so we adapt to your needs, exceed your expectations, exciting your senses to create unique and unforgettable memories.

Participer à un développement durable et équitable

Not only to preserve the traditions of ethnic minorities, we want to highlight them and demonstrate their immense benefits.

Implement well-being effects in travel.

Through cultural, physical and spiritual activities, improve your travel experience.