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Introduction to Wellness

Bien-être au vietnam

In this introduction to wellness, you won’t find the solution on how to reach and develop your well-being.We can say that the pursuit and achievement of well-being is something unique to everyone. There is no general remedy but rather an intimate awareness of what can increase our serenity. Here are the main factors that allow us to evaluate and determine our objectives. In order to build ourselves and improve our quality of life.

The idea of well-being is to find a balance that fully satisfies our physical, mental, psychological, emotional, social harmony and to be able to integrate it into our daily life. Contrary to many popular beliefs, the notion of well-being does not only consist in playing sports or going to the SPA for a massage. Even if these two components can greatly contribute to it. It is obvious that one of the first values is to have a healthy body and mind. Beyond this concept, fulfillment and personal enrichment are integral sliders of self-development.

Introduction of the 5 main components of wellness :

introduction wellness vietnam bien-être


physicPhysical :  

This is the part that first comes to mind when we talk about well-being. Of course, it holds an important place in the process of self-fulfillment. Taking care of different aspects of one’s body helps us to feel positive. A healthy lifestyle, regular sports activity and the use of natural products are necessary. It starts with varied balanced nutrition, preferably from organic farming. The same goes for sport by exercising various activities that will allow muscular and cardiac development. It is common to feel increased inner strength and increased drive when we provide our bodies with the proper fuels.

Mental :

Don’t we say “a healthy mind in a healthy body”? This famous quote from the Italian author Juvenal born in 55 AD. JC, already shows at this time the importance between the physical and the spiritual. The second predominance in the conception of well-being is to acquire a peace and wisdom of mind which will guide our actions and our attitude. Contemporary societies that have increased our material comfort have also led us to a stressful life imposed by permanent, more time-consuming cognitive demands.

An overwhelmed mind that can lead to anxiety and even depression. Many will choose activities like yoga, pilates or meditation to clear the mind. Other activities such as reading, music, a walk in the forest may be enough. It is clear that taking refuge in a place where nature reigns (forest, mountain, stretch of water, etc. ) is one of the most effective medicines. For some, art will be the main vector. Like letting yourself be enchanted during an exhibition or in front of a blank canvas to which we are about to give life and express our inspiration and our feelings.

Social :

It is also essential to find one’s place in society, to communicate, to exchange, to offer. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more complicated to flourish and to leave our family, personal or professional cocoon. However, it is useful to open up, to learn, to share. Many will give themselves a break during a trip, a weekend. However, it is necessary to be able to apply this open-mindedness to our daily lives. Confinement is one of the main causes of depression. Having a rich and expanded social life will facilitate the acquisition of mental and emotional well-being.

Emotional :

We can easily get overwhelmed by our emotions, which can be positive in some cases but more dangerous and self-defeating at times. Some Buddhist monks, through meditation, offer techniques to control these emotions; which is totally different with annihilating them. It is recognized that our actions and our words can become brutal when we are in an angry state for example. Emotional well-being is being able to feel them but also not being corrupted by them. To be able to express them, to show them while choosing the moment or the person and to be able to hide them when it is useful.

Environnemental :

We associate the environment with nature, the planet, in generic terms. This aspect impacts us directly, whether at the physical, mental, emotional and social level. We are all concerned at different levels with the preservation of La Belle Bleue and its innumerable treasures and riches. We always feel better in an environment where the air is healthy and where pollution, whether sound, visual or olfactory, is less. It has also been scientifically proven that people who spend more time in natural spaces have a higher level of well-being.

The environment is also the one that surrounds us on a daily basis, our home, our office, our neighborhood. It is therefore essential to create spaces there that make it possible to acquire this peace of mind or even a form of mental enjoyment. Take the time to organize, decorate, embellish, sublimate these places which ultimately are an integral part of our daily lives can help increase your sense of well-being.

If you are interested in going further to the introduction of wellness above, you can check this link > https://globalwellnessinstitute.org/what-is-wellness/

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