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Hoang Su Phi

Known and recognized worldwide, North Vietnam is a fantastic trekking place. The mix of landscapes, sometimes mountainous, hilly or even flat, makes it an ideal destination for hikes that will satisfy all types of people.

Characteristics of Noth Vietnam

Not only are the landscapes remarkable – thanks to the local artists for creating the espaliered rice fields – but the culture is rich and varied. Indeed, the country with 54 ethnic minorities promises an incredible human experience and all that in magical landscapes! What more could you ask for!

North vietnam ethnic minorities - trekking tours
Minority ethnics of North Vietnam

And why not add a resplendent fauna and flora in each season? One could come to Vietnam several times a year at different seasons and yet still be amazed as on a first visit. The vegetation is rich in all seasons. I remember being stunned by the amount of yellow wildflowers while hiking Mount ta Xua in winter, Yen Bai, while the guide told me that they were quite red in spring.

You can hike in forest, jungle, lunar landscape (just a personal feeling received in some parts of Dong Van Geological Park, Ha Giang ), valleys, along sublime rivers. You can even combine all this in a single trek in the high mountains of the North (always a thought for the Ha Giang loop ). Other destinations manage to combine these natural beauties wonderfully during multi-day trekking such as the ascent of Mount Pu Luong, Ta Xua or Pu Ta Leng for example. The ascent of Mount Fansipan , called the “Roof of Indochina”, is also an adventure even if the overdevelopment of the Sapa region has made a cable car appear to access it.

Jungle trekking in Pu Luong - North Vietnam
Pu Luong
Ta Xua
randonnée Nord Vietnam à Lai Chau - Pu Ta Leng
Lai Chau

Trekking in North Vietnam > find your style

If the adventures to access these peaks can be done in one day (for Pu Luong for example), or two days for the others, I recommend doing it in three days to be able to soak up the atmosphere. Going with a local minority guide will also allow you to understand how they use jungle or mountain products for food or medicine. Unforgettable experience for thrill seekers.

Here is the list of the highest peaks in Vietnam (on the left the altitude and on the right the level of difficulty)

You can find sample itineraries here:

Mount Ta Xua >

Mount Pu Luong >

These circuits are more access to the discovery of nature and an immersion in the jungle. You will only come across very few people and no villages. We find ourselves cut off from the world for a moment.

For mountain hikes lasting several days but more accessible to the general public, Hoang Su Phi is probably the best alternative. We hike from village to village, admire the local ethnic minorities in their daily life. We can share moments with them and learn about their farming techniques. Hikes ranging from 2 to 4 days

Other destinations also lend themselves to superb hikes such as Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Mai Chau, Ha Giang with very varied levels of difficulty, durations and distances.

These destinations can easily be combined for multi-day tours.

For example Mu Cang Chai and Sapa >

Mai Chau and Pu Luong >

randonnée dans le nord vietnam à mu cang chai
Mu Cang Chai
randonnée à Sapa dans le Nord Vietnam - Trekking North vietnam

Off beaten the tracks

Other destinations less known and less touristy but just as interesting. I am thinking in particular of the national park of Cuc Phuong (one hour from Ninh Binh ). There is also the province of Lai Chau, still untouched by mass tourism. You can go for example to the perched village of Si Thau Chai inhabited by the Dao with flat hats. Start of a short hike around the village and enjoying a remarkable view. It is also the starting point for the ascent of Mount Pu Ta Leng in 4 or 5 days..

Trekking Lai Chau - North Vietnam
Lai Chau

You can also go to Bac Ha, known for its minority market on Sundays. It is also the land of many minorities (Dao, H’mong , Tay, Nung) and breathtaking playgrounds for hikers. From half a day to a full day, to be combined with a visit to the market.

Even more remote and less known, the district of Xin Man in the province of Ha Giang is remarkable for the beauty of its landscapes and ethnic minorities. Not easy to access because not yet developed, we enjoy a traditional Vietnam, rural and full of traditions. The accommodations remain true “homestays” unlike more well-known destinations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on trekking in North Vietnam. Our proposed circuits are examples that can be personalized according to your preferences. On a short or long circuit, we can offer you memorable combined adventure – culture and well-being stays.

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