5 beautiful waterfalls in north vietnam

Benefiting from a rich and green nature, one can find very beautiful waterfalls everywhere in North Vietnam. A short overview of some sublime waterfalls that we have selected. If some of them will probably tell you something because they are shared many times on social networks, some off the beaten track could arouse your curiosity.

Many of Vietnam’s most beautiful waterfalls are found in the northern mountains. Please find below a list of waterfalls that will refresh you during your stay. There are many more waterfalls to discover in the North Vietnam

Ban Gioc waterfall > the most impressive waterfall in North Vietnam

cascade Ban Gioc - Cao Bang - Nord vietnam

The best known in Vietnam and one of the most impressive waterfalls in the north Vietnam. Located on the border between Vietnam and China, in the province of Cao Bang and the geological park of Non Nuoc classified by UNESCO. It is considered one of the top 10 border waterfalls in the world. Its multi-stage system is composed of multiple outputs. Very spectacular in the rainy season when the water flow is high (during the summer), it remains magnificent during the dry season.

Unfortunately, you cannot swim in it or access the upper level. Only the Chinese side exploited the upper levels, which marred the beauty of the landscape on the Vietnamese side.

Ticket price > 50,000vnd/pax

Nearby Attractions > Tiger Cave ( Nguom Ngao )

Nearby attractions > Ba Be Lake, local villages (Phia thiap, Phuc Sen)

Where to sleep nearby > Lan Homestay or Greendoor Homestay

Short tour > Hanoi – Ba Be Lake – Cao Bang (Ban Gioc ) – Hanoi

Long tour> Hanoi – Hoang Su Phi – Loop of Ha Giang – Cao Bang – Bac Son – Hanoi

Tac Tinh waterfall

Much less known, the very beautiful waterfall of Tac Tinh in the North of Vietnam, more particularly in the district of Tam Duong in the province of Lai Chau. At the foot of the mountain, one can find the beautiful village of Si Thau Chai perched on top. It is inhabited by the flat-capped Dao. To access the waterfall, there is a 15-minute walk through the jungle. It can also be reached by taking a superb hike from the village of Si Thau Chai.

From a height of about twenty meters, you can bathe in a magnificent natural bathtub. In addition, from the waterfall, you can contemplate a superb view of the valley.

It is located about an hour and a half from Sapa via the O qui Ho pass, one of the most beautiful in Vietnam.

cascade Tac Tinh - Lai Chau - Nord Vietnam - waterfalls

Free entrance

Nearby Attractions > Si Thau Chai Village, Tam Duong Sunday Market, Paragliding, Sea of Clouds from Village

Nearby attractions > O Quy Ho pass (glass bridge), Sapa, Mount Pu Ta Leng (third highest peak in Vietnam), minority village

Where to sleep nearby > Homestay A San or A Pao in Si Thau Chai, Ta Leng hotel in Tam Duong

Short tour > Hanoi – Sapa – Lai Chau – Hanoi > on demand

Long tour > Hanoi – Tram Tau – Tu Le – Si Thau Chai – Ninh Binh – Halong Bay – Hanoi

Hang De Cho waterfall > secret pearl of North Vietnam

cascade Hang De Cho - Yen Bai - Nord Vietnam - waterfalls

A hidden gem, off the beaten track, in Tram Tau district of Yen Bai province. Accessible by a paved path, it reveals itself as you approach. Springing from the mountain bordered by rice terraces, spectacular.

From a height of about thirty meters, we feel the power of the waterfall as we approach it. It is possible to swim there and you will probably have the pleasure of sharing it with the local H’mong . Indeed, very few tourists, Vietnamese or international, know it.

To get there, you can be dropped off by scooter at the exit of the main road and start a superb hike (about 5km) on a paved road, passing through two small H’Mong villages and magnificent landscapes of rice fields. It is also possible to drive a scooter or be taken to the foot of the waterfall by scooter.

Free entrance

Nearby attractions > H’Mong villages , centuries-old tea fields

Nearby Attractions > Suoi Village Giang , Nghia Lo commune , Muong Lo rice fields

Where to sleep nearby > Lau camping (tents or bungalows)

Short tour > Hanoi – Phinh Ho – Tram Tau – Hanoi

Long tour > Hanoi – Tram Tau – Tu Le – Si Thau Chai – Ninh Binh – Halong Bay – Hanoi > itinerary on request

Thac Tien waterfall > in the north Vietnam’s jungle

cascade Thac Tien - Ha Giang - Nord Vietnam - waterfalls

Another waterfall unknown to the public but which certainly deserves a stop, the Thac Tien waterfall. It is located in Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province . It is reached by a short walk through a superb bamboo forest. Then, the waterfall appears to us and the view is fantastic. The waterfall, about twenty meters, runs along a rock covered in moss with the jungle on either side. Enjoy the basin at its foot allows you to swim in peace.

The surrounding tourist infrastructure is not developed, but it is located between Bac Ha (known for its Sunday market) and Ha Giang (known for its loop). A stop off the beaten track.

Free entrance

Nearby attraction: Strange stone village, fish farm

Surrounding attractions: Century-old tea fields, Suoi Thau village, Bac Ha market

Where to sleep nearby: One hour drive north in Coc Pai town, Quan Ha community village, Tho Homestay

Short and long tour: on request

Tinh Yeu waterfall (Love waterfall)

cascade Tinh Yeu - Sapa - Nord Vietnam - waterfalls

Located 14km from Sapa, superb waterfall to visit during a visit to the Sapa region. You can swim there to cool off. It is located in the town of San Sa Ho. To access it, you have to take a walk in the green nature before seeing it appear in your eyes.

To get there, you can organize a trek from Sapa. The other way is to take a motorized means of transport. Being near the O Quy Ho pass, one of the most beautiful in Vietnam, it is also on the way to the very beautiful province of Lai Chau. A great way to mix a must with a much less touristy circuit.


Entry: 70,000VND

Nearby Attractions > O Quy Ho Pass, Rong May Glass Bridge

Nearby Attractions > Chu Va 6 H’mong Village , Sapa, Tam Duong Sunday Market, Tac Tinh Waterfall

Where to sleep > Sapa or minority village, O Quy Ho pass, Tam Duong

Short and long circuits > on request

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