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A first article about the handicraft villages around the capital Hanoi

Vietnamese craftsmanship is recognized for its diversity, ingenuity and quality. Rich in ancestral techniques, we work with humble and local materials. There are more than a hundred in the outskirts of Hanoi. From the village of silk to that of pottery, we list some of the most interesting in this article.

Bat Trang ceramic village:

Located in the Gia Lam district , now belonging to Hanoi, it is half an hour from the center. Known for its ceramic work, nationally and internationally, one can discover the craftsmen during their work. The techniques date back more than a thousand years and a contemporary museum has been opened to trace the course of this art.

Van Phuc silk village:

Located in the south of the capital, it is literally a maze of colors offered by this space dedicated to the creation of silk products. Also resulting from thousand-year-old techniques, the fame of Van Phuc has become international. Travelers can go there to buy products and learn about design methods. It is said that the silk of the village is particularly soft and resistant.

Dong Ho folk painting village:

villages d'artisanat Hanoi  estampes - Dong Ho

35km from Hanoi, in the province of Bac Ninh, this village is known for its colorful prints. In practice since the 16th century, the village once attracted crowds who bought these prints, especially for Tet , the day of the lunar year. Previously, the entire village practiced, today, there remains a minority of craftsmen who continue this tradition and this technique. The particularity, besides the bright colors, is the paper (called dó ), which comes from the bark of a tropical tree . He issoft , spongy , and durable.

Quang Phu Cau incense village:

villages d'artisanat Hanoi  - Quang Phu Cau - Encens

About thirty kilometers from Hanoi, you can go to the village of Quang Phu Cau, famous for its production of incense sticks. Techniques for over 100 years, Quang Phu Cau incense is exported internationally. Arrived at the village, you will find on the edge of the road exhibitors selling these “mushrooms” of incense, most often bright red. The colors are explosive, especially when you go to a manufacturing workshop where the colors mix.

Chuong conical hat village:

villages de Chuong - Chapeaux coniques artisanat Hanoi

About fifteen kilometers from Hanoi, you can visit the peaceful village of Chuong . Manufacturer of what can be called an icon of Vietnam, the Non La , the conical hat worn everywhere in Vietnam and especially in the countryside. The technique is 3 centuries old and handed down from generation to generation. It is best to go to the village on market days (even day of the lunar calendar) because craftsmen gather there. In addition, it is at the foot of a very beautiful and ancient pagoda.

Thach Xa bamboo dragon fly village:

village d'artisanat Hanoi

45 minutes from Hanoi and at the foot of the splendid Thay pagoda Phuong , we can find craftsmen producing bamboo dragonflies, The particularity is their strange ability to be able to balance on a very restricted surface. The complexity of the process lies at the junction of the wings and the body. Once assembled, the dragonflies leave for the painting workshop where a dozen different colors await them. Perfect for a family workshop and to bring back a unique souvenir..

Trach Xa Ao Dai taylor village :

villages d'artisanat Hanoi

Located about sixty kilometers from Hanoi, the village of Trach Xa specializes in the making of Ao Dai , long traditional dresses, another icon of Vietnam. Rich in a technique dating back several centuries, the tailors make Ao Dai of a certain quality in the respect of traditions. 90% of the village works in this sector and they also specialize in making royal costumes and various celebrations.

Phung Cong bonsais village :

villages artisanat Hanoi
20km from the center of Hanoi, one can find the village of Phung Cong , which specializes in bonsai, ornamental wreaths and different types of flowers. Each house in the village has a garden of large sizes and almost all cultivate. Much more profitable than conventional agriculture, the villagers are proud of their success. Walking around the village is very relaxing and a real escape from the hubbub of Hanoi.

Chang Son paper fan village:

villages artisanat Hanoi  - paper fan

One hour by car from Hanoi, discover the village of Chang Son. Very colorful village due to their activity since they make paper fans. Practiced for hundreds of years, the techniques have evolved somewhat and nowadays fans are also made of rattan , silk or bamboo. They come in all sizes and with various decorations. Rainbow of colors, patterns or even poem text.

This list of villages is only a small part of the wide variety of crafts that can be found in the outskirts of Hanoi. Villages of pottery, silver, birdcages, silk, bronze and more will be unveiled in a future article.

Day trip to handicraft villages around Hanoi:

For a taste, you can consult our list of day tours departing from Hanoi which will take you to discover some of these precious villages which preserve ancient traditions. Our tours follow the following itinerary depending on the location of the villages

  • Tour 1 > Dong Ho (Folk painting) – Bat Trang (ceramic) – Phung Cong (bonsaï and flower)
  • Tour 2 > Perfume pagoda – Trach Xa (Taylor AO Dai)
  • Tour 3 > Tay Phuong pagoda – Thach Xa (bamboo dragonfly) – Chang Son (paper fan)
  • Tour 4 > Uoc Le (old village) – Quang Phu Cau (incense) – Chuong (conical hat) – Van Phuc (silk)

The tours include transport, lunch, guide and visit to the workshops.

For multi days tours including handicraft villages around Hanoi and other destinations, you can check:

If you have any questions or need information, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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