Make me feel good

Picto_Bien-EtreI take the opportunity to take care of myself. I disconnect from stress, reconnect with nature, I do yoga, hiking, calligraphy. I get a massage, I dream in a spa…

And if i don’t know, I ask for personalized advice !

Picto-LocalisationWellness in Vietnam – Our short tours

nord vietnam kho muong pu luong nature reserve réserve naturelle wellness bien être

Wellness Vietnam, Sweetness of life 
> 14 days North and Center

Vietnam is conducive to wellness from its sweetness of life, its various and lush landscapes, and its rich culture. A foretaste of a multi-faceted journey.

Scents of Vietnam
> 15 days wellness tour North Vietnam

15-day wellness tour in North Vietnam. Between unmissable places and off the beaten track, high mountains and valleys. Discover the uses of natural products by ethnic minorities. Personal and spiritual enrichment in extravagant landscapes!

Pleasures of Vietnam
> Wellness nature tour 13 days North Vietnam

13 days wellness nature tour in North Vietnam off the beaten track. Relaxing trip close to ethnic minorities through sumptuous landscapes. An invigorating, enriching and exciting stay.

Picto-CafeWelness in Vietnam – Our long tours

Mai Chau – Pu Luong –
Ninh Binh
> 6 days luxury wellness tour

A luxury wellness circuit with varied and rewarding activities. Deep connection with a diverse and exceptional nature. Between valleys and mountains, your eyes and your taste buds will be enchanted and delighted.

Scenif flight over Halong Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Mount Yen Tu
> luxury tour Vietnam 5 days

Take to the skies on this luxury 5-day tour! First by flying over Halong Bay and then by sailing for 3 days on a high-end boat. End with a wellness stay in the sacred mountain of Yen Tu

Thac Ba lake – Tram Tau –
Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai
> 6 days relaxing tour North Vietnam

A 6-day relaxation and nature tour in North Vietnam. Off the beaten track for a more personal approach. Sublime landscapes and magical encounters for unforgettable moments!